Animal Reference Book (Digital eBook)

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Animal Reference Book (Digital eBook)

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Are you a tattoo artist, graphic designer or illustrator looking for a comprehensive collection of animal imagery for drawing references or tattoo flash designs? Do you want over 600+ high-resolution downloadable images for graphics projects or digital collages? If so, this book is for you.

This pictorial archive is a unique collection of rare 18th and 19th-century engraving and etchings. We've curated and restored 627 beautiful high-resolution images of lions prowling, tigers fighting, pumas stalking, hyenas hunting, deer rucking, bats, snakes, bison, antelope, eagles, swallows, owls, elephants, hippopotamus, walruses, apes, monkeys, marsupials, rodents, octopus, bears, rabbits, giant anteaters plus an extensive collection of animal skeletons and so much more. We're confident this book has the animal reference material you need.

Image Download Included:
Each book comes with a unique download link providing instant access to high-resolution files of the 627 images featured. These images can be used for tattoo designs, art and design projects, or printed and framed to make beautiful decorative artworks for your home or studio. A complimentary download of the Vault Editions Skulls and Anatomy sample pack is also included.

About the author:
This book was curated and authored by the creative director of Vault Editions and Amazon best-selling author Kale James. Kale has published over 40 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with brands including Nike, Samsung, Adidas and Rolling Stone. Kale's artwork is published in numerous titles, including No Cure, Semi-Permanent, Vogue and more.

Access this collection today and take your tattoo designs, illustrations and graphics to the next level.