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Skulls & Skeletons

Dragons & Mythical Creatures

Memento Mori & Depictions of Death

Greek & Roman Mythology

Greek & Roman Sculpture

Vintage Anatomy

Angels & Cherubs

Animal Reference Book Pt.1

Animal Reference Book Pt.2

Animal Reference Book Pt.3

Snakes & Other Reptiles

Birds Reference Book

Insects Reference Book

Sea-life & Monsters of the Deep Pt.1

Sea-life & Monsters of the Deep Pt.2

Drawing the Human Figure

Surgery & Medicine

Medical Anomalies

Brutal Weapons & Armour

Frames, Borders & Cartouches

Death & Mortality Pt.1

Death & Mortality Pt.2

Death & Mortality Pt.3

Monsters & Beasts

Ornamental Design

Flowers & Plants

Animal Skeletons & Anatomy

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.1

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.1 Pt.2

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.1 Pt.3

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.1 Pt.4

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.2 Pt.1

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.2 Pt.2

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium Vol.2 Pt.3

Tattoo Inspiration Compendium of Ornament

Tattoo Lettering Inspiration Reference Book

Vintage Logo Inspiration Compendium Vol.1

Vintage Logo Inspiration Compendium Vol.2

Vintage Botanical Illustration Vol.2

Art Forms in Nature by Ernst Haeckel

Cut & Collage Vol.1

Cut & Collage Vol.2

Cut & Collage: Anatomy

Cut & Collage: Sea life

Cut & Collage: Birds

Cut & Collage: Insects

Skulls & Anatomy

Bizarre & Curious Inventions

Bird Skeletons

Portraits of Men