Flowers and Plants (Digital eBook)

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Flowers and Plants (Digital eBook)

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Are you looking to gain access to hundreds of beautifully rendered botanical illustrations to use in graphic design projects, wedding invitations, collages and art projects? Alternatively, are you looking for the best reference material available for your botanical illustrations and designs?

This 2020 offering from Vault Editions is a brilliantly curated resource of over 400 high-resolution vintage botanical illustrations that will provide you with precisely that. This book features inspiring artwork from acclaimed botanical illustrators and taxonomists such as Hoola van Nooten and J.Pass. This pictorial archive features a diverse range of lush tropical flowers, fruits, palms, ferns, cacti, carnivorous plants and exotic fungi. Also featured are masterfully rendered perennials, roses, classic ornamental garden varietals and more. 

Download Included:

Each book comes with a unique download link providing instant access to all 400+ images featured. These images can be used in art and design projects, or printed and framed to make stunning decorative artworks for your home and office.

About the author:

This book was curated and authored by the creative director of Vault Editions, Kale James. Kale has published over 12 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with brands including Nike, Samsung, Adidas and Rolling Stone. Kale's artwork is published in numerous titles including No Cure, Semi-Permanent, Vogue and more.

This book is an essential resource for creatives and plant lovers of all ages. Gain access to your downloads today and start creating beautiful botanical creations.