Ornamental Design (Digital eBook)

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Ornamental Design (Digital eBook)

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This 2020 offering from Vault Editions is a considered and beautifully curated archive of ornamental designs intended for the practical use of artists, designers and craftsmen.  

Featured within the pages of this book are crisp, high-resolution reproductions of cartouches, sconces, pendants, frame designs, Rocaille ornaments, scrolls, decorative arms and armour motifs, elaborate portal designs, chinoiserie panels, candelabras, floral motifs, jewellery designs and much more.

This is an essential resource for graphic designers, tattoo artists, collage artists, wood carving artisans and fine artists.

Have you ever wished you could access these images at a larger scale without having to go through the hassle of scanning each page and distorting the dimensions and image quality?

We've solved this problem for you. Each book has a unique download link providing instant access to all the digitised high-resolution print-ready files. Scale up your chosen design easily and get back to what you do best, creating.

About the author:
This book was curated and authored by the creative director of Vault Editions, Kale James. Kale has published over 12 acclaimed books within the art design space and has worked with brands including Nike, Samsung, Adidas and Rolling Stone. Kale's artwork has been published in numerous titles, including No Cure, Semi-Permanent, Vogue and more.