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Vintage Anatomy (Digital Product)

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Vintage Anatomy, An Image Archive for Artists and Designers is a collection of 140 high-resolution, digitised 17th and 18th-century anatomical drawings for personal or commercial creative projects. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive collection of anatomical images to use as a reference for illustration, or a stunning collection of rare artistic anatomical artwork for graphics projects or digital collages, this book has got you covered.

Image Download Included:

We have carefully restored the artwork and provided a download link within the publication where you will locate high-resolution files in JPEG format to speed up your workflow. No scanning necessary! Follow the instructions found within the book and gain instant access to all images featured.

Within this book, you will find a dynamic collection of engravings and lithographs of facial nerves and muscles, the human skeleton, dissection of the brain, the heart and lungs, nervous system, eyes and optic nerves, veins and arteries of the body, limbs, extremities and much more.